Artist I paint what I see child
Artist I paint what I see child

I paint what I see, child.
Gahan Wilson

There was place in Toronto in the early 1970’s called The Book Barn. It specialized in remaindered and second hand books, and housed rooms and passage ways of wall to wall books with old couches and chair and complimentary coffee. This where my art book obsession began. This is where I discovered the cartoon compilations of artists like; Saul Steinberg, George Price, and Gahan Wilson.

The work in this portfolio was inspired by those books.

Its Zen When
Its Zen When




It’s Zen When

In the 1970’s, my work was largely abstracts. I thought I’d like to learn to draw figures. While not at all attracted to life drawing classes, cartoons seemed a natural path for me. At this time, I was also practicing Aikido – “Henry” style. The mix of these two passions grew into this series. I am still so grateful for the teachings of and conversations with my Aikido sensei, Henry Kono.

Over 75 ‘Zen’ cartoons came tumbling out. In 1983, two of these cartoons were printed as posters by Seacraft Publishing.

Poof - Magician par excellent
Poof – Magician par excellent


A Bit of a Geek
When my writer friend asked if I would illustrate his Dungeon and Dragon’s – Who Will Survive the Terror of the Labyrinth (1980), I jumped at the chance.

Fast forward to today. I am in such awe of the graphic and CGI work being done today. The art in the Black Panther movie blows me away. If you are an artist and/or Sci-Fi-buff– have a look!

p.s. One of my claim-to-fame moments is my 1977 Timex Super Hero watch face designs; Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman.





First Time Parents

In 1985, I had a baby. After my first full on year of parenting, I was itching to get back to art. Cartooning gave me the perfect way back.




a fine line
A fine line

Taking a line for a walk

I’m not sure where I first heard this phrase, but it has been bouncing around in my head for years and in 1987 it first ratcheted up the creative muscle. It was shortly afterwards I found a kid’s book called, Follow the Line by Demi 1981. I felt like I was in very good company.



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