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Eureka Music


Eureka Water

Eureka – drawing music, I’m almost sure…maybe.


After the 2009 Eureka [Drawing] Water moment, I started to look for my next adventure. Caught up in the wave of Harry Potter-ness, I imagined that I would next try to draw ‘that which can’t be drawn’. I experimented with drawing; poetry, the space between, 4 Buddhist Things and Zen painting. I eventually found that I needed to narrow my focus a bit.



My mission to ‘draw music’ caught fire with the sketch 2014 Jazz. It appeared on July 2014 at the Beaches Jazz Festival. With pen in hand, I listened to the music and tried to envision how the music would ‘look’ on paper. At first, my sketches looked like a kind of symbols soaked non-music notation which then transformed into these plant-like shapes. As this was going on, I noticed an artist near the stage painting a largish canvas. I soon discovered that she was painting the onstage music. A quick sketch of her painting is in the 2014 Jazz sketch.


Jenny’s Song


A few months later the Windermere String Quartet concert season began. Live classical music was a perfect place to continue my experiments. Also in November 2014 I heard an inspiring acapella improvisation to the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl and the 2014 Jenny’s Song series came about, sound in the round. In the beginning of this year’s Windermere String Quartet season, I combined drawing to the music with sound-in-the-round design and voila, 2017 Music Art. The adventure continues.


When I’m 64


When I looked back, I found that my interest in the expression of music in art was originally sparked by a 1972 essay I wrote, The Music of Wassily Kandinsky. This essay was for a night school class given by the artist and teacher, Anne Lang. She taught me more about the practice of art than any other art teacher. This trajectory led me to explore variations such as 1981 When I’m 64 and pretty much anywhere my imagination can take me.

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  1. Love your website Kaz. I can’t wait for you to add more of yor beautiful art, and have enjoyed the pieces that you have here. Thank you Lori for helping make it happen.

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