Twice Given


I invite you to own pieces of my art in exchange for a donation to the charity of your choice or a small act of kindness. 

How it works

1.   Choose your style

Select a few pieces  of art (or 2) or a style of work that you like and/or think might be enjoyed by another/others.would to make your own or share with a loved one someone who might need some kindness

2.   Request your picks

Some of my art is on this site. There are more posted in my Instagram account:
Email your selection(s) and mailing address to Your address will not be used for any other purpose beyond shipping your new art.

3.   Your art is on its way!

I will snail mail your the art to you, free of charge. All regular postage costs will be covered by me. Postage fees for larger pieces or shipping outside of Canada which may require additional postage can be determinined on a case-by-case basis. If you select pieces that need more than regular postage, we can figure out that together.

4.     Pay it forward:

Send a donation to a charity of your choice and/or share it with someone who could use a bit of kindness.


1.       How do I place my order?
Email your requested selection(s) to along with your mailing address. Artwork will be mailed to you directly unframed and unmounted. If the artwork is not available, a similarly styled piece will be sent.
Note: No address information or communications will be used for any other purpose beyond this transaction.

2.       Is the art actually free?
Yes! You will receive the art 100% free of charge with all incurred Canadian shipping charges to be covered by the artist. Orders of large work or outside of Canada may be subject to a small shipping fee to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

3.       Why would you give away free art?
I love the process of creating art, I give it form and the people who love art give it meaning. If my art can spread joy through its new owner and in support of a charitable cause they care about,  then the  circle of meaning is expanded.

4.       How much should I donate?
A $25 donation for two to three small pieces (5.5” x 5.8” works) is suggested as your donation to the charity of your choice. If you are unable to make a donation, please consider an act of kindness instead.

5.       What size is the art?
The majority is 5.5” x 8” ink and water colour on parchment paper.

6.       Do you offer large pieces?
Larger pieces are available for the price of shipping. Let’s talk if you are interested!

7.       Can I order an art piece not included in the samples styles?
Yes. All the art, if still available, displayed in my Instagram gallery can be requested. Please DM me to inquire about specific pieces.

8.       Can I place more than 1 order?
Yes! I encourage people to order as many pieces as they like.

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